Case 01

Collaborating with a Centenary European Family Care Brand

Our founder Alison and her team boast an extensive collaboration history with a prestigious European family care brand, spanning over 10 years.

This collaboration encompassed every facet of the product development lifecycle, from initial design to mold creation and comprehensive certification registration.

The resulting products, including thermometers, blood pressure monitors, forehead temperature guns, and Bluetooth-enabled clinical thermometers, have achieved significant market share and success on a global scale.

Case 02

Rescuing a Top U.S. Breast Pump Manufacturer

Our founder Alison and her team played a pivotal role in rescuing a leading U.S. breast pump manufacturer facing critical business challenges.

This narrative highlights our team's prowess in aiding clients during times of adversity. The client's product line had fallen behind market demands, endangering the company's viability.

In a remarkably short timeframe, we orchestrated a product line overhaul, successfully launching two groundbreaking products. Among these, a hospital-grade breast pump, built to the highest global standards, emerged as a standout success.

Case 03

Achieving Regulatory Compliance for Brazil's Largest Medical Products Importer

We helped a prominent Brazilian medical products importer successfully navigated the stringent regulations of the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) to secure a comprehensive product registration history. This accomplishment was particularly challenging due to ANVISA's exceptionally rigorous standards, surpassing conventional requirements for product performance.

In the pursuit of model approval certificates, our team pioneered innovative technical solutions, amassing a wealth of expertise in product registration with the health bureau.

Our team has extensive experience in product registration across global markets, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and many other countries. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in obtaining import licenses, legal manufacturer qualifications, and product registration certificates. We can provide clients with the necessary documents to ensure product registration certification and compliance.

Case 04

Pioneering Market Dominance in India

Our founder's leadership played a pivotal role in our growth in the Indian market.
Through in-depth local research and collaboration, our team adopted the best production and marketing strategies for the price-sensitive Indian market.

Leveraging localized production and differentiated product positioning, we achieved remarkable market penetration and dominance in just two years, capturing over 38% of the Indian thermometer market share.

Our success story is not only celebrated within our company but also recognized as an extraordinary achievement throughout the industry.

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