4 In1 BP/UA/BL/BG Multi-Function Analyzer Clinic/Home Use


Hyperlipidemia is prone to hypertension, and hyperglycemia can be combined with hyperlipidemia, and hyperuricemia. Long -term high uric acid will significantly increase the risk of diabetes and kidney disease.

UKPDS studies in the UK show that more than 70% of diabetic patients have merged hyperlipidemia at the same time, and more than 50% of patients with diabetes have hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is a factors for arteriosclerosis formation and development. Patients in patients with arteriosclerosis have increased blood pressure and increased blood pressure to rise. High, eliminate four highs, four types of indicators must be measured!

Analysis item:
  • Total Cholesterol (TC)
  • High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL)
  • Triglycerides (TG)
  • Glucose (BG)
  • Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Uric Acid (UA)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
Calculated item:
  • Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)
  • TC/HDL Ratio

Main Features

【Multi-Function】Test 9 items in 1 Device.

【Rapid Test】Quick test in 120 seconds.

【Micro Specimen】At most 35μL of whole blood (capillary and venous), plasma and serum.

【Bluetooth】Use bluetooth to sync data with phone and bluetooth printer conveniently.

【Voice Function】Best way for easy and accurate readings.

【Backlight】Enhance readability in various lighting conditions.

【Long Endurance】Renovable 4AA batteries with low power consumption.

【Intelligent Chip】High-performance measurement.

Main Performance

  1. Analysis Item: Blood Glucose/Uric Acid/Blood Lipid/Blood Pressure
  2. Methodology of Lipid: Reflectance Photometer
  3. Methodology of Glucose/Uric Acid: Electrochemical Measurement
  4. Test strip types: Blood Glucose/Uric Acid/Blood Lipid
  5. Measurement Unit: g/dL, g/L, mmol/L
  6. Specimen: Fingertip blood, whole blood (capillary blood and venous whole blood), serum or plasma
  7. Specimen volume of Lipid: About 35ul
  8. Specimen volume of Glucose: About 1 ul
  9. Specimen volume of Uric Acid: About 3 ul
  10. Pollution levels: 2
  11. Power Source: 4*AA batteries
  12. Memory: Each item 500 sets of records
  13. Bluetooth: Bluebooth to Sync Data with Phone or PC
  14. Automatic Shut Off: 4 Minutes after Last Use
  15. Storage Conditions: (0-55)℃, <90% RH, (50-106)kPa
  16. Operating Conditions: 10-40°C;≤90% RH; Seal-Level ≤2000M
  17. Warranty Period: 2 Years
  18. Shelf Life: 4 Years

Packaging & Delivery

Single weight: 365g
Product Size: 152*123*48mm

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