Various challenges encountered during the project's development

  • Challenge 01: Assist clients in manufacturer registration and provide full certification documents.

  • Challenge 02: Immediate action required: Time-critical marketing strategy.

  • Challenge 03: Create distinctive product packaging design.

  • Challenge 04: Meet rigorous medical testing standards.

  • Challenge 05: Adjust screen brightness to optimal level.

  • Challenge 06: Debug and fix software code errors.

  • Challenge 07: Adjust excessive gaps on packaging boxes.

  • Challenge 08: Enhance product accuracy and stability.

  • Challenge 09: Improve Bluetooth stability with smartphones.

  • Challenge 10: Refine product detection accuracy.

  • Challenge 11: Optimize battery lifespan for extended use.

  • Challenge 12: Minimize measurement delay for quicker results.

  • Challenge 13: Ensure compatibility with different mobile operating systems.

  • Challenge 14: Enhance ergonomics for increased user comfort.

  • Challenge 15: Provide user-friendly instructions for setup and use.

  • Challenge 16: Boost data storage and retrieval capabilities.

Between 2011 and 2021, during our founder's tenure at SEJOY, a transformative journey commenced with a prestigious brand in continental Europe with a century-old legacy. Over the past decade, she had the privilege of collaboratively contributing to the creation of pioneering products with this industry giant.

This journey wasn't just a partnership; it stood as a profound testament to innovation and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Together, they navigated the intricate path of product design, development, and launch, consistently pushing the boundaries of what people thought was possible.

Throughout these remarkable years, our founder proudly cultivated thriving connections with esteemed European brands, and established exclusive private label collaborations with American retail industry giants.

Her expertise lay in crafting cutting-edge products, taking an idea from inception (0) to the transformation into tangible reality (1) that ignited substantial business growth.

However, it's essential to underline that it's not merely about the products; it's about their deep understanding of the certification process, addressing market needs, facilitating enhancements, and more.

Throughout this extensive journey, our founders played a pivotal role in the success of customer projects by seamlessly bridging the supply chain and the client side in China. They tackled numerous challenges in product design and functionality, providing innovative solutions.

Today, the products led by our founders are making their mark globally. Whether you're in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, or the Americas, you can always find these remarkable products carrying with them invaluable experiences that now breathe life and endorsement into our startup.

  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.