Step 01

Delve Into the Market

In 2015, Our founder Alison was assumed the role of thermometer sales with the ambitious goal of dominating the Indian thermometer market. Despite the daunting challenge, armed with a strategic plan and unwavering determination, she embarked on this thrilling journey.

To navigate the intricate terrain, They delved deep into understanding the Indian thermometer market. Price sensitivity was paramount, necessitating their products to possess a distinctive edge over the competition. This called for extensive market research, enabling they to grasp the diverse needs and preferences of Indian consumers regarding thermometers.

They assessed all the market brands, visited numerous local dealers, and gained valuable experience.

Step 02

Product Enhancement

Afterward, They segmented the expansive Indian market based on specific needs, tailoring their product line to each segment.

To tackle price sensitivity, They initiated a comprehensive product function adjustment effort. They carefully reviewed their manufacturing processes, optimizing costs while upholding high-quality standards. This strategy enabled they to offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality Indian consumers rightfully expected.

Step 03

Embracing Localization

After nearly 2 months in India, They realized the vital importance of localization. They embarked on a transformative journey - establishing a local factory in partnership, right in the heart of India. This move was a game-changer, significantly reducing production costs and demonstrating their commitment to the Indian market.

Alison' team worked diligently, hiring local talent and providing them with intensive training, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in their products. They also built strong relationships with local suppliers, boosting cost-efficiency and allowing they to adapt swiftly to market changes. This integration into the Indian economy provided us with valuable insights into its unique intricacies.

Step 04

Unbeatable Marketing

With their carefully crafted products, competitive pricing, and the determination of local factory, they were on the verge of a breakthrough. Alison's sales team, working closely with the newly established local factory, launched a bold marketing campaign. They offered unbeatable deals and warranties that outpaced the competition.

The response was remarkable. Indian consumers quickly saw the exceptional value they provided. Their partner's thermometers became a household name, selling rapidly with unprecedented demand. Market share was within our grasp, and they seized it eagerly.


28% Market Share

By the end of 2017, Alison'team achieved the unimaginable - Their partner's brand captured a commanding 28% share of the Indian thermometer market. The success story was not only celebrated within company but also recognized industry-wide as an extraordinary achievement.

The journey in the Indian thermometer market was not just a success; it was a testament to strategic expertise, thorough market research, and an unwavering commitment to adapting to local conditions. By immersing ourselves in the unique dynamics of the Indian market, customizing the right products, and establishing a strong local presence, Alison' team not only conquered India but also set a powerful blueprint for success in other markets.

  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.
  • We Can Do, More Than That.