Automatic Clinical Blood Pressure Monitor With Printer


  • Clinical-grade Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Experience the convenience of WIFI data transfer, allowing you to easily track and share your measurements.
  • With a quick measurement process of 25-30 seconds, you can obtain accurate readings in no time.
  • Our monitor is built to last, utilizing two air pumps that alternate to ensure a product cycle life of over 100,000 times.

Main Features

【User-friendly】Designed for ease of use, our monitor is motion-tolerant and provides accurate readings. The adjustable cuff cylinder allows for flexible positioning, and air pressure and temperature indicators ensure precise measurements.

【Intelligent Features】Experience fast and comfortable measurements with intelligent inflation technology. The monitor reads two-bar codes and utilizes infrared detection for pre-readiness. It also features an elbow position sensor that automatically reminds you of the correct position.

【Sleek Design】The adjustable cuff cylinder ensures a proper fit for various body positions. Set the date and time according to your preference. Multiple memory and connection ports including USB, RS232, Ethernet, and SD are available. The monitor also provides automatic reminders for blood pressure levels based on the WHO hypertension standard. With its modular design, maintenance is a breeze.

Main Performance

  1. Name: Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  2. Technology: Intelligent Inflation Oscillometric
  3. Systolic: 40-260 mmHg
  4. Diastolic: 20-210 mmHg
  5. Pulse Rate: 40-200 bpm
  6. Accuracy: ±3 mmHg
  7. Calibration: At least once per two years
  8. Safety: Valve opens automatically for deflation upon max inflation pressure 290 mmHg.Pushing the “Stop” button upon emergency, deflating quickly.
  9. Memory: 9999 readings
  10. Power: 110-240V AC,50/60h
  11. Printer: thermal printing, Paper size 58mm
  12. Cuff Circumference: 17-42cm
  13. Voice: Voice introduction of operation & reading, Language Option: English or Thai, On or Off
  14. Product Size: 310mm*476mm*300mm
  15. Net Weight: 6.5kg
  16. Electric shock protection: Class I
  17. Working Condition Tem:+5℃-+40℃,RH: 10%-95%,Air Pressure 70-106Kpa.
  18. Store Condition Tem: -2℃-+55℃,RH: ≤95%,Air Pressure 70- 106Kpa

Packaging & Delivery

Carton Size: 40.5*45*59.6cm
Gross weight/ctn: 9 kg/ctn
1* Device
1* Indication board
1* Manual
1* Charger
1* thermal printing paper
1 *pcs /ctn

OEM Flexibility Emphasized
MOH-Ready Documentation
Expanded Service Options

Delivery date : 30 days

Logo/Color: can be customizing

Documents: Ready for register at MOH

Why choose us?

Only the best will do

✅11 years of experience in OTC and professional diagnostics including both Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics

✅Extensive knowledge of international regulatory affairs and trade

✅An existing portfolio of tested products from reliable suppliers

✅Over 100 customer projects completed, in both OEM/ODM brands

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