Dual-Function Pregnancy & Ovulation Test


  • Reusable digital display pen for multiple uses.
  • Test both pregnancy and ovulation with exceptional accuracy of over 99%.
  • Easy to use: dip in urine for 10-20 seconds and get results within 5 minutes.
  • Displays weeks (1-2, 2-3, 3+) and provides clear results on the digital screen.
  • Ideal for couples on the path to parenthood.

      Main Features

      【Dual-function】 The only electronic digital test on the market that can test both pregnancy and ovulation.

      【Reusable】The digital display pen can be reused many times and Just replace the strips.

      【Easy to Use】Please install the strip on the display pen then Dip in the urine for 10-20 seconds, take it out and the results will appear within 5 minutes.

      【Over 99% Accurate】

      【Pregnancy test function】Early Result up to 4 days before her period is due.

      【HGC function】The test with Smart Countdown Tells you if you are pregnant and how many weeks since you conceived (HCG-means Not pregnant; HCG1+ means 1-2 weeks, HCG2+means2-3 Weeks; HCG3+ means more than 3 weeksof pregnancy).

      【LH funcion】LH+ means your best days to get pregnant so you know your body is ready and If the digital display shows LH- that means not ready yet.

      【Package】A reusable digital dual-function test + 2 pregnancy test strips+7 Ovulation test strips.

      Main Performance

      1. Reusable or Disaposable: Reusable
      2. Function: Test LH peak and pregnant weeks
      3. Pregnant Weeks Estimator: 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, 3+ weeks
      4. Specimen: Urine
      5. Format: Midstream
      6. Sensitivity & Testtime: 25mlU/ml & 20seconds
      7. Read time: 5minutes
      8. Accuracy: 99%
      9. MOQ: 100pcs
      10. Result:
      • LH+: LH peak
      • LH-: Test again on the next day at the same time
      • HCG1+: Pregnant 1-2 weeks;
      • HCG2+: Pregnant 2-3 weeks;
      • HCG3+: Pregnant above 3 weeks;
      • HCG-: Not Pregnant

        Packaging & Delivery

        Single weight: 20g
        Box size: 150*65*25mm
        1*Color box
        7*LH Test Sticks
        2*HCG Test Sticks
        OEM Flexibility Emphasized
        MOH-Ready Documentation
        Expanded Service Options

        Delivery date : 30-45 days

        Logo/Color: Customizable

        Documents: Health Bureau documentation complete.

        Why choose us?

        Only the best will do

        ✅11 years of experience in OTC and professional diagnostics including both Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics

        ✅Extensive knowledge of international regulatory affairs and trade

        ✅An existing portfolio of tested products from reliable suppliers

        ✅Over 100 customer projects completed, in both OEM/ODM brands

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