Smart Blood Pressure Monitor with Convenient Carry Case


  • Innovative design to solve the inconvenience of storage.
  • Adopt comprehensive boost measurement technology, more comfortable than the traditional way.
  • Triple filtering algorithm, using multiple feature comparisons to obtain the real blood pressure measurement.
  • Loaded with a four-fold protection system, it is safe to use electricity.

Main Features

Easy to Carry】the innovative storage design makes this model more practical, it can store and preserve the cuff without hindering the weight or the size.

Large Display & Voice Broadcast】The high-definition large-screen display is clear, with a bold font to make the reading easier and more convenient. With live voice broadcasts, no more worries about the result being not understood.

"Word" glow】The monitor is very clear in the dark. It adopts an LED full-color screen, bright colors, and high definition, multi-angle wide viewing angle.

2 User Mode】2 sets-independent data storage A/B, two users can store two groups of independent measurement values, and each user can have 120 groups of memory values automatically stored, which is convenient for comparing the variations of blood pressure.

Best for Home Use】The arm BP device is fully automatic, it only needs one push of the ‘’START/STOP’’ button, then it will measure your blood pressure and heartbeat within 1 minute. It can be powered by either 3 AAA batteries or a USB cable, convenient to use at home or on the go.

Main Performance

  1. Product size: 115* 85* 63mm
  2. Storage temperature: -20°C~50°C.
  3. Storage humidity: 15%~90%
  4. Operating temperature: 10°C~ 40 °C
  5. Operating humidity: 40%~85%
  6. Display: LED digital display
  7. Measurement method: pulse scanning method 1 oscillometric method
  8. Measuring range: high blood pressure 1 low blood pressure: 20mmHg ~ 280 mmHg
  9. Pulse: (40~200) times 1 minute within +3% of the reading
  10. Resolution :1 mmHg (0. 1 kPa)
  11. Accuracy: +3 mmHg (+0. 4 kPa)
  12. Voltage: 6V, AAA battery 3 pcs
  13. Power consumption: 0.01W, USB port

Packaging & Delivery

Single weight: 162g
Product size: 127*85*28mm(5.00”*3.34”*1.10”)
The screen size: 63*63mm(2.48”*2.48”)
1*Blood pressure monitor
1*Storage box
1*Certificate of conformity

OEM Flexibility Emphasized
MOH-Ready Documentation
Expanded Service Options

Delivery date : 30 days

Logo/Color: can be customizing

Documents: Ready for register at MOH

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