Software Analysis Arm BP Monitor


  • The most accurate desktop Electronic Sphygmomanometer.
  • High-definition color LCD display for excellent visibility.
  • Fully automatic blood pressure measurement for adults, pediatric, and neonatal patients.
  • Provides parameter measurement, display, and recording output, with a data review interface including "data list," "trend chart," and "big font."
  • Includes SpO2 measurement function with optional SpO2 probe.

Main Features

【3 User Mode】Automatically stores measurement results for three users, up to 100 items per user.

【3 Measurement Modes】Designed for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

【Data Review Interfaces】Includes "data list," "trend graph," and "big font" for clear visualization of NIBP data.

【SpO2 Measurement Function】Optional SpO2 probe available.

【Physiological Alarm】Set alarm limits to receive alerts when blood pressure exceeds the high limit or falls below the low limit. Alarm switch can be adjusted.

【Prompt Messages】Displays low power prompt on the screen and provides an audible low power prompt sound. Prompt sound switch can be adjusted.

【Error Messages】Displays corresponding error messages when factors affect the measurement.

【Short-time Power Storage Function】Battery replacement does not affect the clock time function.

【2 NIBP Measurement Units】mmHg/kPa.

【Measurement Results with Date and Time】Stored with accurate timestamps.

【High-definition Color LCD Display】English/Chinese interface with strong visibility.

【PC Connectivity】PC software enables data review, analysis of measurement results, trend visualization, report printing, and more.

【Automatic Power-off】Conserves power by automatically turning off after a period of inactivity.

【Software Function】

  1. PC software is connected to the device by a USB interface.
  2. Can download NIBP measure the result of the terminal device.
  3. Can display trend graphs, histograms, charts, etc.
  4. Can edit every piece of NIBP data, and add annotation to it.
  5. Can edit basic information, doctor's advice information, NIBP status instruction, current medicine-taken information, etc.
  6. Support print preview, and print the report.

Main Performance

  1. NIBP
  2. Measure Method: Oscillometry
  3. Measure Mode: The upper arm measure
  4. Measure range: 0kPa(0mmHg)~ 38.67kPa(290mmHg)
  5. Resolution: 0.133kPa(1mmHg)
  6. Accuracy: ±0.4kPa(±3mmHg)
  7. NIBP pulse rate measure range: 40~240bpm
  8. Increasing pressure mode: force pump increases pressure automatically
  9. Reducing pressure mode: self-motion ladder reducing pressure mode
  10. SpO2 (optional)
  11. Measure range: 35%~100%
  12. Accuracy: ±2%, 70%~100%
  13. SpO2 Probe Pulse Rate: Measuring range: 30bpm~250bpm; Resolution: 1bpm
  14. Display: 2.8" High-definition color LCD
  15. Power: Four "AA" Batteries/5V or 6V Power adapter
  16. Safety character: ClassⅡ Type BF

    Packaging & Delivery

    Single weight: 300g (No Batteries)
    Product size: 130mm*110mm*80 mm
    1*Cuff for adult
    1*Digital Integrative SpO2 Probe (optional)
    1*User manual
    1*Software CD
    1*USB data line
    1*Power adapter (optional)


    OEM Flexibility Emphasized
    MOH-Ready Documentation
    Expanded Service Options

    Delivery date : 30-45 days

    Logo/Color: Customizable

    Documents: Health Bureau documentation complete.

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