HB-102 Hemoglobin Meter
HB-102 Hemoglobin Meter
HB-102 Hemoglobin Meter
HB-102 Hemoglobin Meter

HB-102 Hemoglobin Meter

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Best Home Use Clinics Hemoglobin Meter Monitoring System in 2022 is designed for easy, accurate, and quick testing of hemoglobin levels.
It also offers hygienic operation and the broadest, most user-friendly features available in a hemoglobin meter, requires only a small blood sample (10 µl)

Main Features

Tiny blood sample
Fast measuring time
Easy to read large LCD

Main Performance


Methodology:Reflectance Method

Measurement Range:4.5-25.6g/dL, 45-256g/L, 2.8-15.9mmol/L

Speciman:10 µL Whole blood (peripheral and venous whole blood)

Power source:3 x AAA battery

Battery Endurance:After cycle charge 300 times, electric quantity reduce 30%

Units of Measurement:g/dL;g/L;mmol/L

Memory:800 records

Automatic Shut Off:5 minutes after displaying results

Meter Storage Conditions:0-55℃;≤ 90% RH

System Operating Conditions:8~37℃;0~90% RH;seal-level 3000m

Test strip Storage Conditions:1~30℃

Warranty Period:5 years

Packaging & Delivery

Single weight:90g
Product size:136*65*25mm
1 *Meter
3 *AAA Battery
2 *Optical Verify Strips
1 *User Manual
1* Warranty Card
1* Package Box


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