MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor
MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor

MDR100-P Ovulation &Pregnancy Monitor

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MDR100-P Digital Pregnancy & Ovulation Monitor can both test ovulation and early pregnant. According to different package type of the Test Stick (Include 7 or 20 LH Test Sticks & 2 pregnant HCG Test Sticks), it can test the ovulation first, and then to test pregnancy to understand whether pregnant or not. The Monitor will distinguish LH or HCG Test Stick automatic identification and the corresponding detection, test results are given directly by the LCD panel.


The Monitor is reusable, it can distinguish LH or HCG tests automatically, with the same monitor, you can got your LH data and pregnant weeks. The accuracy could be 99.9%.

When to start the test of ovulation

You should know your usual cycle length,use the table below to work out the day you should start testing,and beginning the ovulation test .

Table 1: length of your cycle (days)


*  1. Count the first day of your period as Day 1

   2. If you do not know your period length, please refer to “Questions and Answers” Q3

   1.   Test around the same time every day .
   2.    Reduce your liquid intake approximately 2 hours prior to testing.
   3.    Do not urinate for at least 2 hours prior to testing.
   4.    Do not start test if miss the testing day, wait until next menstruation. 
How to use
 To ensure that you use the Monitor correctly,read the instructions carefully.
Display Symbols:
 LH+:You have reached your most fertile time and should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours. Have intercourse at any time during the next 24-36 hours to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant. There is needless for further testing during this cycle.
 LH-:No LH surge detected, use a new Test Stick to do the test again at the same time tomorrow.
 HCG+:The test result is pregnant, you should see your doctor who can advise you on what steps you should take next.
 HCG- :You may not be pregnant, or your menstrual period has not arrived yet,the level of pregnancy hormone may not be high enough to be detected .If you test too early, please test again during your menstrual period. If your period is overdue, test again in 3 days, if the result shows “No pregnant” and you still have not had your period, please see your doctor. 
1. The result of your test can only be read on the Display, you can not determine your result from any lines that you see on the Test Stick.
 2. The Test Stick is not reusable.
 3.Dispose of the Test Stick with your normal household waste.
 4. After you finish your test, please eject the Test Stick and store the Test Holder for next test.
 5. Whether the result will be disappeared, when you eject the Test Stick the result will be show on the LCD screen again.

Packaging & Delivery

Single weight:20g
Box size:150*65*25mm
1*Color box
3* pregnancy test sticks

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