Color Lcd Baby Heart Beat Monitor Fetal Doppler


 Pocket Fetal Doppler adopts Doppler technology in designing, it is a hand-held fetal heart rate detection device. Measured FHR value and waveform are displayed on the LCD screen. With easy and convenient operation, it can be used in hospital, clinic for daily self-check by pregnant woman, realizing early monitoring and care for life.


Beautiful appearance, easy to operate
Magnetic probe, compact design, convenient to use
Color display screen
Digits/Curve display
Battery level indication
Auto shutdown after no signal inputting for 60s
High sensitive Doppler probe, fetal heart sound can be heard clearly for pregnancy more than 12 weeks
Two sound output modes: built-in speaker and external headphone

Main Performance

Safety classification: internally powered equipment, type CF applied part
Display: 1.77" LCD screen
FHR measurement and display range: 50 BPM ~ 240 BPM (BPM: beats per minute)
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: ± 2 BPM
Rated working voltage: DC 3 V
Battery type: two 1.5V batteries (AA LR6)
Nominal Frequency: 3.0 MHz
Working Frequency: 3.0 MHz ± 10%
Negative Peak Sound Pressure: P_ < 1 MPa
Output Beam Intensity: Iob < 20 mW/cm2
Spatial-peak Temporal-average Derived Intensity: Ispta < 100 mW/cm2
Ultrasonic Output Power: P < 20 mW
Working Mode: Continuous wave Doppler
Effective Radiating Area of Transducer: ≤ 208 mm 2

User Manual 1pc

Physical characteristic
Dimension: 157mm(L) × 99 mm(W) × 27 mm(H)
Weight: about 207 g(with batteries)


OEM Flexibility Emphasized
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Delivery date : 30 days

Logo/Color: can be customizing

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