Find the right product based on the client’s requirements.

Based on client’s desired price, performance or specification criteria, our people are able to produce the most suitable source.

 At this early sourcing stage, an initial background check of the factories is arranged in order to get a better idea about the suitability of that factory.

 All offers will be prepared using a special quotation sheet which holds all relevant information for the buyer to make an informed decision about that product.

 Samples for further evaluations can also be arranged. These samples will be subject to a basic performance test by our QC in order to avoid nasty surprises once goods arrive overseas.

Order Follow up 

 Once an order is confirmed, Medasia Company will issue a Sales Confirmation (SC) to the client showing all order relevant details and conditions agreed upon for this business.

 A purchase order will be issued to the factory with the same terms and conditions as the SC in order to avoid any confusion.

 These documents are then binding for all involved parties.

Our merchandiser will coordinate with all involved parties the timely availability of all order related issues, e.g. payments, artwork, approvals, etc.

During the order process our employees will closely monitor the progress of the resp. order and will advise the client of any arising problems, like time delays.

 Our QC team is well equipped and experienced to perform inline inspections as well as outgoing inspections.


Prodcut Development

✔ Medasia  company is able to provide a comprehensive service to customers willing to develop their own product idea in China.

✔ Medasia company can evaluate the feasibility of new designs in regards of the desired specifications

✔ Provide detailed quotations for unit cost, tooling and development charges based on client´s specifications.

✔ Arrange Prototype samples according to clients design

✔ Constant monitoring of the project development schedule and feedback in case of delays or unexpected problems

✔ Arrange and coordinate Pilotrun productions, Agency approvals, Instruction manual creation

Artwork and Cargo Inspection

  With an in-house Graphic Department, we can create gift-boxes and manuals according to client’s requirements.

  Translations into various European languages can also be arranged within a short period of time.

 The charges for this service are subject to the artwork details required by the client.

 Localization manufacturing consulting

  Electronics Design

✔  Tooling Management

 ✔ Machine and material arrangement 

 QC AND SOP assistance