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    • Alison_Hangzhou_MedAsia_Pic


      Founder and CEO.

      More than a decade of expertise in the global bussniess of medical devices. Committed to delivering customer-centric solutions, she is driven by a deep passion and love for what she does.

    • Emma

      Quality Manager.

      Extremely meticulous when it comes to scrutinizing every minute detail, ensuring that our clients' requirements are meticulously fulfilled

    • Lucy_Hangzhou_MedAsia_Pic


      Sales Support Engineer.

      Rich experience in providing clients with medical regulations and registration services, well-equipped to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

    • Dio

      Product Manager.

      A pioneer, with a strong focus on delivering innovative solutions, he embarked on this journey driven by unwavering passion.

    • Pan

      Chief Medical Advisor.

      Licensed doctor with 15 years of community experience. He is specialized in managing chronic conditions.

    • Shark_Hangzhou_MedAsia_Pic


      Supply Chain Manager

      He is very good at mapping the flow of value from suppliers through to the final customer and highlighting the areas or greatest opportunity to reduce waste and cost and increase our customer value.

    The beginning

    A story to tell

    Before 2017,I had the privilege of being by my beloved grandma's side. She was 89 years old and had battled high blood pressure for 30 years. Every week, we would made the journey to the hospital together, so she could have her blood pressure checked.

     One day, I decided to surprise her with a digital blood pressure monitor which I took from samples. I showed her how to use it, and her eyes sparkled with curiosity and gratitude. She was thrilled by its convenience, realizing that she no longer had to endure the pain of frequent hospital visits.

     As she looked at me with eyes full of love, she held me tightly in her arms. In that embrace, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness, realizing that the simple act of showing her how to use the monitor had made a tremendous difference in her life.

     In that moment, I understood the power of compassion and how even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact on the people we care about. I realized that what I was doing for my grandma went beyond just helping her monitor her blood pressure—it was a profound expression of love and support.So I decided to stay in the home care industry to support all those who needed .

    --- From the founder, Alison Zhu

    where we are from

    Meet Our Founder

    Introducing our dynamic founder, Alison zhu, a female visionary with a remarkable 12-year career in the global medical industry and factory backgroud. Her expertise spans production , sales, project development, marketing, and international medical regulation registration.

    During her illustrious career, Alison zhu collaborated with industry giants , the world top breast pump brand in the US, and a top EU healthcare leader brand . These partnerships showcased her project development and marketing prowess, earning her a stellar reputation.she helped more than 100+ worldwide clients from Small to a successful bussniess .

    Graduating MBA from IPAG School in France Alison zhu wasted no time and launched her own startup in 2021 with backgroup of worldside COVID-19 pandemic. With her deep industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, she's poised to revolutionize healthcare once again.

    Join us on this exciting journey together with Alison zhu driven by innovation, global expertise, and unwavering passion.


    Professional Team To Help You Succeed

    A past successful Case  --Rescuing a Top U.S. Breast Pump Manufacturer: 

    Our founder Alison and her team played a pivotal role in rescuing a leading U.S. breast pump manufacturer facing critical business challenges. This narrative highlights our team's prowess in aiding clients during times of adversity. The client's product line had fallen behind market demands, endangering the company's viability. In a remarkably short timeframe, we orchestrated a product line overhaul, successfully launching two groundbreaking products. Among these, a hospital-grade breast pump, built to the highest global standards, emerged as a standout success.

    • Professional team

      I find this team to be very efficient and very professional, we've been partners for few years now. They are very reliable and easy to communicate with.

    • Made my brand

      This company has helped me grow my business from buying from local importers to importing, and now I made my own brand. Very thankful, great service.

    • Best quality

      I'm very pleased with both the qualities of the products and services. Working with you saved me a lot of headache.

    Our Partners

    Strong partnerships are key to achieving goals and making a positive impact in medical device industry.

    We are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our values and vision for a more healthy future.

    • Superior Services

      Removing risk and having a partner in China ,Helping improve clients’ brands by managing OEM and custumizable items.

      Your “hands" and "eyes" in China.

    • Quick Response

      Our dedicated staff will ensure quick response time, that is the reason we have been successful in building long-term relationships with our clients.

      We follow a proactive approach to keep you updated at every step of the process.

    • Assured Quality

      We guarantee that our clients receive only quality products. Thanks to our strict inspections at every step of the manufacturing process. You will get double insurance while working with us.

    • We Can Do, More Than That.
    • We Can Do, More Than That.
    • We Can Do, More Than That.
    • We Can Do, More Than That.
    • We Can Do, More Than That.