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Digital Pregnancy Test : Assisting Couples in Conceiving

According to a recent report published by the World Health Organization on April 3, 2023, approximately 17.5 percent of the global adult population (equivalent to one in six individuals) is estimated to be affected by infertility. Infertility, categorized as a medical condition affecting the male or female reproductive system, occurs when couples have been unable to achieve a successful pregnancy despite regular, unprotected sexual activity for a period exceeding one year. This condition brings about considerable distress, societal stigmatization, financial strain, and adverse effects on the mental and psychosocial well-being of those affected.

The challenging social phenomenon of infertility has indeed contributed to an ongoing increase in the demand for pregnancy tests. As more individuals and couples experience difficulties in conceiving, the need for accurate and reliable pregnancy tests becomes more prominent. These tests serve as a vital tool in determining pregnancy, providing reassurance or guiding individuals to seek appropriate medical assistance. In this article, we aim to guide you in selecting the perfect pregnancy test pen by highlighting its key features and presenting the various benefits it offers.

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Self-testing digital device for pregnancy and ovulation pregnancy test 

A digital pregnancy and ovulation  test works by detecting the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman's body. hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. The placenta, which develops after the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, produces hCG. Its primary function is to support the production of progesterone, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. hCG is detectable in a woman's blood and urine and serves as a reliable marker for confirming pregnancy. Pregnancy tests, both urine-based and blood-based, work by detecting the presence of hCG in the body. The levels of hCG increase rapidly during early pregnancy and typically peak around 8-11 weeks before gradually declining.   
Have sex on High and Peak Fertility days to maximize your chances of getting pregnant
Double your chances of getting pregnant in the first cycle of use, vs not using ovulation tests   

Here's a general overview of how a urine-based pregnancy test works:

1.Collection of urine sample
The first step is to collect a urine sample. This can be done by either holding the absorbent tip of the test in the urine stream or by collecting urine in a clean container and then dipping the test into the urine.

2.Interaction with hCG:
Once the urine comes into contact with the test, it interacts with specific antibodies that are present on the test strip or within the test device. These antibodies are designed to bind with hCG if it is present in the urine.

3.Reaction and signal generation:
If hCG is detected in the urine, a reaction occurs. This reaction triggers the release of a signal, which could be in the form of color change, lines appearing on a test strip, or activation of a digital display.

4.Interpretation of results:
The final step is to interpret the test results based on the instructions provided with the specific pregnancy test. This may involve checking for the appearance of lines, symbols, or words on the test strip or reading the digital display.

What kinds of types for testing early pregnancy ? 

In our daily lives, there are generally four common types of items for testing early pregnancy:

1.Pregnancy Test Card
: These are small, rectangular cards that contain a test strip or panel. The user applies urine to the designated area on the card and waits for the result to appear, usually in the form of lines or symbols indicating a positive or negative result.

2.Pregnancy Test Box:
This refers to a complete kit or package that includes multiple pregnancy test cards or sticks. It provides multiple tests for repeated use or for sharing with others.

3.Pregnancy Test Paper:
This term is often used to describe a type of pregnancy test strip or card that is made of absorbent paper material. It functions similarly to a pregnancy test card and displays results through lines or symbols.

4.Digital pregnancy test:
Also known as a midstream test, this type of pregnancy test is designed with a plastic casing that contains a test strip. The user holds the stick in the urine stream, and the result is displayed on the stick itself, typically through lines or symbols.

Both the paper type and card type pregnancy tests require urine samples to be collected in separate containers before testing. The main difference lies in how the urine is applied to the test:

1.Paper type: With a paper-type pregnancy test, you typically dip the absorbent surface of the test into a urine cup or container containing the urine sample. The absorbent material absorbs the urine, and the test is then laid flat for the reaction to occur and results to be observed.

2.Card type: For a card-type pregnancy test, you use a straw or a dropper provided with the test kit to collect urine from the cup or container. You then drop the urine onto the designated area or test well of the card. The urine is absorbed by the test strip within the card, initiating the reaction for result determination.

3.Paper box:The main distinction is that a pregnancy test box contains multiple tests in a single package, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness, while pregnancy test papers or cards are sold individually or in smaller quantities, offering portability and single-use convenience.

4.Digital pregnancy and ovulation test: The digital pregnancy and ovulation test differs from the other three types (pregnancy test box, pregnancy test paper, and pregnancy test card) in terms of result display, user experience,higher sensitivity. 

Result Display: Unlike the other types, the digital pregnancy test provides results through a digital screen, typically displaying words such as "pregnant" or "not pregnant." This eliminates the need for interpreting lines or symbols, offering a clear and straightforward result.

User Experience: The digital pregnancy test often includes additional features like a progress indicator or countdown timer, providing a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

Reuseable: The digital display pen can be reused many times and Just replace the strips.

Comparing digital pregnancy & ovulation tests with other options

We have compared our digital pregnancy & ovulation test in many ways with different brand and kinds of pregnancy test in amazon, evaluating various aspects to arrive at the following results and conclusions: 

①FIRST RESPONSE Comfort Check Pregnancy Test

First response pregnancy test only has single function to test if women pregnant or not. And the test outcome is often discerned  by observing one or two bars displayed on the testing kit. The test kit is not reusable. 


✅Fast result
✅Early detection


❌Not reusable
❌Single function
❌Didn’t show a control line at all

②Clearblue advanced ovulation test and rapid detection pregnancy tests

Clearblue pregnancy test kit with ovulation test kit, this product contains 2 different kinds of test. One is test for if women has pregnant, another is test for women's ovulation. And the pregnancy test kit is not reusable.


✅World famous brand
✅Fast result
✅With functions of testing pregnancy and ovulation


❌Package design unfriendly
❌Test cost high 

③Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit

Easy@home is a disposable test strips for testing pregnancy. This test require urine samples to be collected in separate containers before testing. 


✅Fast result
✅Cheap price


❌Single test for pregnancy
❌The result is not clear to see
❌Not convenience to use

④Reusable Dual-Function Digital Pregnancy & Ovulation Test

The Digital Pregnancy and Ovulation Test can test both ovulation and early pregnancy. It can test ovulation first and then test pregnancy to understand whether you are pregnant or not. The monitor can distinguish ovulation and pregnancy test automatically by insert the ovulation or pregnancy test stick. The test result will be given by the LCD display. Also, this kind of digital pregnancy and ovulation test is resuable for you to multiple use. 


✅2 in 1 functions
✅Fast and clear results with digital screen
✅Multifunctional in one test
✅Test per cost is low 


❌The price is a little higher than other normal pregnancy test for first time to buy

Both of these tests are high accuracy, the accuracy of these tests is typically reported to be over 99% in detecting pregnancy. . The first response comfort check pregnnacy test and easy@home test strips are reusable, and the clearblue pregnnacy test, it's pregnancy is not reusable too, although the test kit for ovulation has digital screen. Reusable Dual-Function Digital Pregnancy & Ovulation Test, only this test is designed to combine the functions of pregnancy and ovulation. It is reusable ones contains 2 functions and has a digital screen to show if has pregnancy or ovluantion clearly.

Key factors to consider when buying our pregnancy and ovulation tests

What's the unique advantages of our products ?

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, our digital pregnancy test with optional upgrades offers more additional advantages that are not present in the Clear Blue pregnancy test and disposable test options.

Reusable: While reusable pregnancy tests may have a higher upfront cost compared to disposable tests, in the long run, they can be more cost-effective. Instead of purchasing multiple disposable tests, a reusable test can be used for multiple cycles or whenever pregnancy confirmation is needed, saving money over time.Reusable pregnancy tests help reduce waste compared to disposable tests. By using a single test device multiple times, fewer test units are discarded, resulting in less plastic and packaging waste.

⭐ Unique multifunction: our digital pregnancy test with optional upgrades can test both pregnancy and ovulation. It can test ovulation first and then test pregnancy to understand whether you are pregnant or not.

Double your chances: Maximize your probability of conceiving during the initial cycle of usage by incorporating ovulation tests, doubling your chances compared to not utilizing them.

Certificate guarantee: Our certificates guarantee the quality, safety, and compliance of our products. With certifications in CE, ISO, FSC, and CFDA, we assure you that our products meet stringent standards and regulations. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we stand behind the quality and reliability of our certified products.

Important information

This test is exclusively intended for in vitro diagnostics use. External use only.
Carefully read the instructions before performing the test. The test is only interpretable if the instructions are carefully respected. 

Attentions for the ovulation test:

1.Testing at the same time every day will be most effective. Do not take the first urine to test ovulation after a longest sleep.

2.Women who have Endocrine system diseases such as ovarian cysts or who takes hormones or steroids are not suitable for detecting ovulation.

3. Ovulation testing can begin after stopping the use of contraceptive pils for two months.

Attentions for the pregnancy test:
Medications containing the pregnancy hormone HCG can affect the results.

Storage condition: 4 ℃~30 ℃
Do not remove the test stick from the foil wrapper until you are ready to use it.
After opening the test stick foil wrapper, use the test stick straight away.
Do not use the monitor after the expiration date.
Avoid excessive liquid intake 2 hours before you are ready to test.

How to use ?

Step 1 Ready to test
Remove the test stick from the foil pouch(See Figure 1), take Ovulation Test Stick with LH sign (See Figure 2) for ovulation test, take Pregnancy Test Stick with HCG sign (See Figure 3) for pregnancy test. Before applying urine for testing, the test stick must be inserted into the monitor correctly.

Step2 Collect urine in a clean and dry cup

Step3 Assemble test stick with monitor
Insert the test stick into the monitor until locked completely. Make sure "HCG" or "LH" symbol is facing up and is shown on the same side of LCD display. You will feel a slight "click" in the meanwhile all the symbols"HCG 1+ 2+ 3+ LH+-?" display along with beeps shortly, after displayed symbols one by one, the monitor beeps again with a single steady "HCG" or "LH" on the LCD display accoring to the type of test stick being inserted. The symbol "LH" stands for ovulation test (See Figure 4), the symbol "HCG" stands for early pregnancy test (see Figure5). Now it is ready to proceed.

Step 4 Perform the test
T est a sample of your urine collected in a clean and dry container. Do not absorb urine unless the steady "LH" or"HCG" symbol showing on the LCD display. Put just the absorbent sampler into your collected urine for at least 20 seconds. See Figure 6.

Step 5 Wait for result
After the absorbent sampler of test stick is saturated with urine, lay the monitor on a flat surface with the display facing up. Few seconds later, the monitor will beeps and the "LH" or "HCG" symbol will flash to show the test is working. See Figure 7 and Figure 8

Step 6 Reading your result
Around 5 minutes, the display will show your result with the monitor beeps. The result of ovulation test shows as Figure 9, while the pregnancy test shows as Figure 10.

Step7 Eject the Test Stick
After you have read the result, press the eject button on the monitor to remove the test stick. See Figure 11.

Test results

The table below and detecting HCG level in urine, the test can tell you for how many weeks you have been pregnant by showing“HCG1+”,“HCG2+” ,"HCG3+”,on its LCD display. If you are not pregnant, the test will show"HCG-" accordingly.
HCG1+: Pregnant 1-2 weeks; HCG2+: Pregnant 2-3 weeks; HCG3+: Pregnant above 3 weeks; HCG -: Not Pregnant; LH+: LH peak LH- : Test again on the next day

The digital pregnancy and ovulation test

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