MedAsia at TECNOSALUD Medical Exhibition 2023

MedAsia at TECNOSALUD Medical Exhibition 2023

MedAsia in  TECNOSALUD Medical Exhibition 2023

TECNOSALUD, a distinguished fixture in the Peruvian healthcare industry for over two decades, is meticulously organized by the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) in collaboration with its esteemed COMSALUD Association. The 7th International Congress on Health Products and Related Sciences, TECNOSALUD 2023, stands as the premier platform for the presentation, introduction, and promotion of pioneering products, solutions, and services tailored to the healthcare sector, spanning hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, and medical offices.

The medical exhibition was held at the Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima, Peru. The local time of the exhibition is from September 13 to September 15, 10 am to 8 PM. Boasting the participation of over 1,200 domestic and international brands, including representatives from China, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, and more, TECNOSALUD will unveil groundbreaking advancements across a spectrum of domains such as medical equipment and materials, dental apparatus and supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory requisites, medical technology, industrial equipment, natural health products, among others. This array of offerings will be showcased within a meticulously designed environment, designed to captivate and accommodate in excess of 10,000 attendees.

The overarching objectives of this exhibition revolve around strategic positioning, brand activation, and the introduction of innovative products. It further serves as an invaluable conduit for exhibitors to engage with professionals keen on exploring novel products and services. Through this immersive medical exhibition experience, participants are poised to broaden their reach both domestically and internationally.

TECNOSALUD draws a diverse audience comprising healthcare professionals, procurement managers of healthcare institutions, corporate health department heads, governmental bodies, medical students, clinic and hospital administrators, medical practitioners, healthcare personnel, as well as hospital and clinic technicians. Additionally, dealers, representatives, and individuals with vested interests in healthcare investments converge at this esteemed event.


MedAsia in TECNOSALUD Medical Exhibition

Peru's Thriving Healthcare Landscape: A Growing Market with Expanding Opportunities

Peru, boasting a population of 32 million inhabitants, stands as the fifth most populous nation in Latin America, following Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. It distinguishes itself with an impressive average life expectancy of 77 years, which ranks among the highest in the region1,2. This vibrant nation further commands a substantial gross domestic product (GDP) amounting to $203.7 billion, positioning it as the fifth-largest economy in Latin America, in the esteemed company of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia3,4.

Within this robust economic landscape, the Peruvian medical device market emerges as a pivotal sector, valued at $390 million. Notably, Peru relies heavily on imports to meet its medical device needs, with over 97 percent of these essential healthcare tools originating from international sources.

In recent years, Peru has made some progress in improving health infrastructure, expanding access to health services, and modernizing public institutions, with a clear goal of achieving universal coverage by 2021 and 2022. Peru's growing middle class is increasingly turning to the private sector for healthcare and has higher expectations of healthcare providers. Approximately 2 million people are 65 years of age or older, and demand for quality care and treatment for older people and people with cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is increasing. In stark contrast to the public system, the private health sector has been particularly dynamic, having experienced significant growth in the past five years, driven by rising insurance penetration rates. As of 2023, Peru's hospital infrastructure included 864 hospitals, around 1,300 operating rooms, and more than 38,000 hospital beds. Consequently, the Peruvian medical market is experiencing a steady and progressive expansion.

Hospital infrastructure in Peru in 2023, by type

Medasia in TECNOSALUD medical exhibition 

As a medical startup company, our presence at the exhibition garnered significant interest from a multitude of attendees. Under the adept guidance of Alison, our CEO at Medasia, we conducted comprehensive product demonstrations, meticulously showcasing our diverse range of offerings. These included cutting-edge devices such as portable blood lipid meters, hemoglobin meters, blood pressure monitors, digital pregnancy tests, blood glucose meters, portable nebulizers and various disposable consumables.

Alison is providing instructional demonstrations to our prospective customers on the proper usage of our testing products

Engage with our established clientele during the exhibition


"Your portable Cholesterol Meter is revolutionary and has the potential to reshape the medical field. We look forward to exploring collaboration opportunities and its benefits for our local community."

-- Lic. Sarita Macedo

"Your company's diverse medical equipment is impressive. The introduction of the Digital Pregnancy & Ovulation Test was a standout feature, addressing a crucial need for those planning to conceive."

-- Melissa Rios

"MedAsia's dedication to introducing advanced medical solutions to Peru is commendable, aiming to improve healthcare accessibility."

-- Javier Riquero Mendoza 


To learn more about our products, please contact with us: Medasia group

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