Quiet Mini Compressor Nebulizer


-The medication delivered to the nebulizer comes in liquid form. The nebulizer converts it from a liquid into a mist.

-Easily inhaled into the lungs through a mouthpiece or face mask.

-Use nebulizers with medication for both immediate relief and long-term maintenance.

Main Features

Highly Recommended Nebulizer】Nebulize medicine and inhale for effective home medication. It's particularly ideal for people that need it several times per day. Lightweight Design, it can be used anywhere and anytime, compatible with Adults & Kids both at home and on the move. Note that it is NOT an oxygen machine.
Pay attention】If no air comes out, please make sure: 1, the liquid should not exceed the 8 ml scale mark, otherwise the liquid will not be atomized. 2, the flexible tube should be inserted tightly without air leakage, 3, the liquid cup should be placed properly, 4, clean the liquid cup to prevent the atomization hole from being blocked. Make the solution and pour it into the liquid cup according to the instructions.
Adjustable and EffectiveAdjustable volume and effective Relief - adjust the amount according to the needs. Just rotate the top of the liquid cup to adjust the volume of nebulization. Delivers the medicine directly to the site resulting in reduced side effects.
Perfect for Home UseCompressed air technology - performs a high nebulization rate (≥0.2ml/min) for easier nebulization, great for Adults and children. Certified device - so you can be confident in effective home nebulization. It adopts an oil-free lubrication piston pump, small air compression vibration, and the working noise of the whole machine complies with national standards.

    Main Performance

    Nebulization rate: >0.15mL/min
    Medication residue: ≤ 0.7mL
    Volume for the atomizing cup: 8mL
    Appropriate medication range: 2~8mL
    Noise: ≤ 65dB
    Gas flow: >10L/min
    Max pressure: 280-450KPa
    Type of protection against electric shock: Class 2
    Degree of protection against electric shock: Type B applied part
    Degree of waterproof and dustproof: IP22
    Power Source: Electric
    Warranty: 1 Year, 18 months for the main unit, and 6 months for accessories
    After-sale Service: Repair and Replacement
    Application: For Home Use
    Power Supply Mode: USB recharge
    Material: Plastic
    Shelf Life: 1 year
    Quality Certification: CE
    Instrument classification: Class II
    OEM/ODM: Yes
    Dimension: 158mm*158mm*107mm
    Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
    Input power: <150VA
    Nebulization rate: >0.15mL/min
    Medication residue: ≤ 0.7mL

    Packaging & Delivery

    Single package size: 158mm*158mm*107mm
    Single gross weight: 1.42Kg
    Package Type: Packing with carton
    1* User Manual 
    1* Atomizing accessories (atomizing cup, air tubing, mouthpiece)
    2* Fuse tube 
    1* Filter cotton 1bag (5)
    1*gift box
    Подчеркнута гибкость OEM
    MOH-Готовая документация
    Расширенные варианты обслуживания

    Дата доставки : 30-45 дней

    Логотип/цвет : Настраиваемый

    Документы: Бюро здравоохранения полная документация.

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