Customs crackdown! Just now, many batches of goods were seized, don't take infringement seriously

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Recently, the Customs crackdown, a number of enterprises exporting infringing goods were checked, quickly see if there is your home goods?

Recently, Laogang Customs seized a batch of undeclared infringing goods in the export cargo, a total of 24,300 pieces. Among them, 300 wireless headphones were printed with the trademark "Apple logo", 18,000 paper boxes were marked with the trademark "NOKIA", and 6,000 paper boxes were marked with the trademark "SAMSUNG". SAMSUNG" trademark. After confirming the right, all are infringing products, at present, the customs has detained the relevant goods according to the law, and file a case for investigation.

Recently, Shenzhen Bay Customs inspection officers in a declaration of export toys of cross-border e-commerce truck inspection, found that there are undeclared marked with "OPPO" logo of 145 sets of cell phones, marked with "VIVO" logo of 30 sets of cell phones, and the enterprise can not show proof of authorization, confirmed by the rights holder, is indeed an infringement, the case has been transferred to the disposal department for further processing.

Recently, Beilun Customs seized a batch of motorcycle batteries suspected of infringing the trademark "BOSCH (graphic)", totaling 5,998 pieces. The declared name of the goods was motorcycle battery and motorcycle plastic parts, and the inspection found that the declared motorcycle battery had the word "BOSSCH" on the outer carton, and the difference between "BOSSCH" and "BOSCH The difference between "BOSSCH" and "BOSCH" was only one word. It was confirmed to be infringing goods. At present, they have been detained according to the law.

Recently, the customs officers of Hekou Customs seized 27 boxes of toys with the trademark of "LEGO" during the inspection of a batch of export goods in the border market channel, which were suspected of infringing the intellectual property rights filed by Dr. LEGO Co. At present, the case is being further processed.

Recently, Xiamen Customs inspected a batch of export goods and found 2000 electronic smoke sticks with "RELX" trademark, 500 sets of cell phone accessories with "RealMe" trademark, 1400 sets of cell phone accessories with "OPPO" trademark, 480 sets of cell phone accessories using "Vivo" trademark, 250 sets of charger sets using "Xiaomi" trademark. The above goods were identified by the right holder as infringing products.

Recently, the relevant brand rights holders determined that 66,000 bracelets marked with "Cartier" logo seized by Shenzhen Bay Customs in the cross-border e-commerce export channel were suspected of infringement. At present, the case has been transferred to the disposal department for further processing.

Recently, Beilun Customs inspectors inspected one export shipment, the declared name was powder puff, comb, etc., but the actual entrapment of undeclared lip gloss, and the goods packaging and products are printed with the trademark "ESSENCE". The right holder confirmed that the lip glosses infringed on his trademark rights, and the total number of lip glosses was 4320. At present, the goods have been detained according to the law.

Where did the goods go?

Customs confiscated property mainly includes what?

According to the "Customs-related property management measures (for trial implementation)", customs confiscated property mainly includes

(A) smuggling, illegal goods and articles.

(B) illegal and criminal proceeds and their fruits

(C) smuggling, illegal means of transport and other tools used in the implementation of illegal and criminal acts

(D) for the realization of the value of the customs administrative penalties to fulfill the decision in the withheld goods, articles, means of transport, etc.

What are the main ways to deal with customs confiscated goods?

Public auction

In addition to national laws and regulations or special circumstances are not suitable for public auction, the Customs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Auction Law" to take public auction, which is the main way to deal with confiscated goods. Customs in accordance with the progress of processing commissioned by the auction house from time to time to hold auctions, public processing of confiscated goods, the auction proceeds are all paid to the State Treasury.

Targeted Sale

For example, the customs confiscated oil products, according to the relevant provisions to the China National Petroleum Corporation or China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation affiliated oil wholesale enterprises unified acquisition.


Seized obscene articles, illegally published audiovisual products, illegal propaganda, smuggled cigarettes, import and export goods that failed inspection or could not obtain health permits, etc. are to be destroyed for disposal.

Transfer to the competent authorities for disposal

Confiscated cultural relics, endangered animals and plants and their products are transferred to the competent administrative departments for disposal in accordance with the law.

How to participate in the public auction of customs confiscated items?

Pay attention to the auction information

Customs auction announcements can be accessed through the General Administration of Customs portal "Information Disclosure Board" or newspapers and other news media, the main content includes: the auction location, auction time, the subject of the auction, viewing time, auction house contacts and other relevant information.

Understanding the auction channel

Customs take the initiative to adapt to the "Internet +" wave of reform, and actively explore and use the public network platform to organize public auctions of case-related property, in the past two years many times in Taobao and Jingdong auction platform to organize public auction activities.


Bidders need to submit documents and materials

Business license, certificate of legal person, power of attorney and resident ID card of the bidder are required for enterprise legal person.

For individual enterprises, business license and resident ID card of the bidder are required.

Individual bidders need to provide: the bidder's own resident ID card.


Can customs confiscated goods be sold privately through "internal relations"?

No way!

Customs fully apply technological means to manage the property involved in the case, the internal and external storage warehouses are used 24-hour non-stop video surveillance and other tight security measures, the entry, disposal and exit information of the property involved in the case are all incorporated into the system management.

Customs conducts auctions of confiscated items in strict accordance with the Auction Law; internal customs discipline stipulates that customs staff and their families are not allowed to purchase confiscated items.

Therefore, those so-called "low price sales", "internal channels" and "quiet disposal" of customs confiscated goods on the Internet are all false, so consumers should not be greedy and fall into the trap.

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